How to increase hair growth

How to increase hair growth
What woman did not want hair to grow faster? But it seems that they add in the length so slowly! The fact that the state of hair – a mirror of the health of the body as a whole. If the hair is thick and shiny, if they quickly grow back, then you have no health problems. However, you can speed up hair growth.

You will need
  • Vitamins and nutrients, oils.

To accelerate growth volos, it is necessary to understand, why they grow slowly. One of the reasons is insufficient supply of scalp with nutrients. To eliminate this difficulty, it is necessary to create conditions for the efficient transfer of nutrients through the blood. Simply put, it is necessary to take different vitamins and supplements. The nutrients contained in them will enter the bloodstream, then spread throughout the body and accelerate Hair Growth. For good hair growth necessary calcium, chromium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, silicon, selenium, sulfur and zinc.


In addition to taking useful substances inside, they must be delivered to the scalp from the outside. This will be helped by various Oil. They contain a lot of essential fatty acids for the body. In addition, the oils are perfectly absorbed into the scalp. They have the ability to restore roots hair. When you apply oil on the scalp, it strengthens the hair follicles and improves blood circulation in the scalp. All this stimulates hair growth.


The growth of hair is also facilitated by massage. It can be делать just and with the use of oils. The fact that with massage improves the circulation of the scalp. Hair follicles are stimulated and hair grow. Massage should be given at least 10 minutes per day. Massage the scalp gently and gently. Then your hair will start to grow faster.

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