How to increase eyelashes at home

How to increase eyelashes at home
The times when women were shaving their eyebrows and pulling out eyelashes, had long since sunk into oblivion. Today in fashion, fluffy cilia reminiscent of sable fur or mink. For those whom nature has deprived of this expressive attribute, it is worth making a desalination build-up. It is not necessary to use the services of beauty salons. Quite possible to build up eyelashes в Home conditions. For the procedure, you will need special materials and knowledge of one of the extension techniques.

Minimal arsenal

To perform beam or a crescent build-up, you need the appropriate material. It is worth choosing in the salon or professional store surrogate cilia made of special synthetic microfiber.

Mink, sable, silk – this is just a kind of the size of the surrogate material. It is silicone monofilament imitates natural eyelashes, without making them heavier.

In addition to bundles or piece eyelashes, you will need a special resin. The reaction of the eyes to the glue must be checked one day before the procedure. Also you need a special tweezers. In online stores all these tools can be bought in one set.

Types of building

Japanese technology for eyelash extensions is the most popular method, which involves the sperm shading of piece wool. That is, for each natural cilia is attached one artificial.

The 3D effect allows you to create truly voluminous eyelashes like the Barbie doll. To implement this method, a special material with branched ends is used. In the rest, the effect of 3D is performed in the same way as the Japanese technology of eyelash extension, giving the eyes expressiveness and additional attractiveness.

Some girls still use beam growth. For self-application, the beams are very convenient. But, unlike the saddle-stitching, this method is short-lived and looks not too natural.

The whole process

Before you build up eyelashes in your home conditions, you need to carefully remove makeup and remove the remnants of the cream from the eyelids. To do this, use special degreasing agents for make-up remover.

To facilitate the process of building, it is worth calling for help from another person. If this is not possible, you need to choose the desired length of artificial eyelashes in advance of the mirror.

Now you need to get a pair of tweezers and glue, take a bundle with a forceps or a piece of cilia, dab its root into the resin and attach it to the base of the natural eyelash. It is worth remembering that the surrogate material can not be glued to the skin of the eyelids.

Depending on the desire, you can increase the lashes with a fox effect, placing shorter villi at the outer corner of the eye, and longer ones at the inner corner. You can also achieve a puppet effect by attaching fluffy cilia of the same length over the entire area of ??the upper eyelid.

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