How to increase collagen in 2018 year

How to increase collagen in 2018 year
One of the most common proteins in our body is collagen. It strengthens not only the skin, but also bones, cartilage, ligaments. To prolong youth, you need to take care of the constant increase in collagen. And it is not necessary to buy expensive drugs – you can increase collagen by observing the correct diet and healthy lifestyle.

В молодости коллаген синтезируется самостоятельно, но уже к 25 годам его рост резко снижается. Уже в этом возрасте нужно применять меры для укрепления тканей организма. В первую очередь обратите внимание на свой рацион питания. Ешьте продукты с богатым содержанием витамина С. Он не только укрепляет иммунитет, но и способствует быстрому образованию коллагена. К таким продуктам можно отнести перец, зеленые овощи, цитрусовые, ягоды, шиповник и лук.

Teach yourself to eat breakfast cereals from wheat, rye or oats. Because they contain vegetable collagen.

To increase collagen it is important to consume seafood, for example salmon. Eat oysters and shellfish, although they are not always affordable, but they increase the level of collagen in the skin better than other foods. Take a spoonful of fish oil. The taste is not pleasant, but for the bones it is very useful.

Make sure that the diet is always varied. Often eat meat, liver, eggs, legumes. It is advisable to use not sunflower, but linseed oil. It is most rich in useful vitamins and promotes the formation of collagen.

If you are doing sports or experiencing physical activity, then even more watch for useful food. Since during physical exercises collagen is destroyed, and for its replenishment, a sufficiently large amount of vitamin C is needed.

In addition to nutrition, you can strengthen the skin with collagen using masks. Apply the gruel from the pressed strawberry and grapes for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. Or make a mask of puree avocado on your face and neck, after 15 minutes, also wash off the mask. Do not try rejuvenate skin, buying a variety of creams. You just spend money. They can completely moisturize the skin, but восполнить collagen is not.

A surprising fact, but ordinary gelatin is hydrolyzed collagen. By its properties, it does not differ from the usual collagen, but on the contrary it also helps to strengthen connective tissues, hair and nails. Buy a better pack gelatin, but not expensive tablets in the pharmacy.

Remember that proper nutrition can not increase the elasticity of the skin and strengthen the bones when you damage the body with smoking, ultraviolet and constant stress. Take care of your health entirely.

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