How to increase and tone your breasts?

How to increase and tone your breasts?
Each girl wants to have a lush elastic breasts, but not always nature presents such a gift. It's good that there are ways to deceive nature and achieve breast enlargement and its tone.

The first thing that comes to mind when the phrase "enlarge breasts"Is, of course, a surgical operation. But not everyone can and wants to modify the proportions of his body on the surgical table, for such girls there are other ways of breast augmentation.

The second most popular way to adjust the shape, tone and size female breastsare oral hormonal preparations and ointments. But these "medical" experiments are fraught with failures and other problems with women's health.

But there are harmless for the body and, importantly, cheap ways to enlarge the chest. One such remedy is hop cone oil. This oil is easy to buy in pharmacies for a small price. It should be mixed with any base oil or cream in the proportion of 1: 2 and rub the resulting liquid with massage circular motions into the chest.

Breast massage itself also has a beneficial effect on her condition, most importantly – do it regularly and with gentle massage movements. It is worth remembering that the skin of the breast is very tender and easily injured.

In the pharmacy you can buy another good stimulant Breast Growth, it's flax seeds, they have a cheap price, and use is huge. Flax seeds should be consumed 2-3 times a day, adding one teaspoon to your portion of cereal or juice, the main thing is to chew the seeds well. But this method is suitable only for those girls who have no problems with the kidneys.

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