How to improve diction

How to improve diction
Society and communication are words of the same origin. As the primary means of exchanging information between people is still speech, it is very important that it is clear, legible, and slender. To achieve great oratorical abilities, there are a number of articulatory exercises.

You will need
  • Quiet surroundings.
Start with a warm-up. Place your feet on the width of your shoulders, put your hands on your waist. Speech begins with breathing, and it is the breathing you need to do first.
Сделайте «sponges бантиком», как будто собираетесь поцеловать кого-то, чтобы между they had a small gap. Inhale. Now a slow exhalation through the lips, on which the air resistance should be felt. Speak mentally any poem or quatrain.

Repeat this exercise, combining with the movement: imitation walking, walking on the spot, slopes. The exhalation should remain uniform, the tension in the breathing column should not change.

Work out a breath. Lean forward, keeping your back straight and breathing in at the same time. As you exhale, straighten up and stretch out the sound of "hym-m-m-m," and start walking at the same time.

Another breathing exercise. Make short breath nose, so that the nostrils expand. At exhalation pat on the wings of the nose with your fingers.

Repeat this exercise, stretching out the consonants "m" and "n" on exhalation. At the same time, tap the wings of the nose with your fingers in turn.

Откройте рот и сделайте вдох через нос, выдохните через рот.

Make massage: press and stroke the intercostal muscles, muscles belly.

Do a few exercises for the muscles of the palate. Say three consonants "K" and "G" three times. Then, with your mouth almost closed, but with the sensation of yawning (the singers are called – with an open mouth), say three times each vowel: "a", "oh," "eh." If you are doing an exercise correctly, you want to yawn.

Make movement as if you are rinsing water in your mouth. Open your mouth to 3-4 cm and say "ammm" sound several times. The vowel should sound in a whisper, and the consonant should ring.

Learn the exercises for the lips and language. The upper lip is trained when the combinations are repeated: "gl", "ow", "vn", "tn". Repeat each combination a few times, then go on to the next one.

Split the lower lip, repeating the combination of "ks", "rz", "sz", "bz".

Придайте языку form лопаты и положите его на нижнюю губу. Произнесите несколько раз звук «и». Затем в той же позиции звук «э».
Язык приобретает форму крючка. Проведите его кончиком по небу и произнесите звук «о». Потом аналогично звук «у».

After all the articulatory exercises, go to the pronunciation of tongue twisters. First, say each time slowly, then accelerate. Speech should be fast, but legible. Read aloud with an expression of poetry, better перед кем-то.

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