How to identify the symptoms of herpes

How to identify the symptoms of herpes
Almost 90% of the adult population of the planet has the herpes virus. The most common is herpes simplex, a type of which is sexual. However, the main concern is herpes zoster. In any case, early diagnosis of this disease can avoid long-term treatment and painful sensations.

Carefully consider the general malaise, weakness, chills and burning of the skin, as they are the first alarming symptoms, indicating the imminent manifestation of herpes simplex. The same applies to such signs that can be mistaken for an insect bite, pimples, burns, usual itch of an allergic nature, thrush (a fungal disease caused by a Candida fungus).

Be sure to pay attention to an easy, but constant desire to scratch the skin near the lips. In this situation, use cream or ointment more quickly от герпеса.

Be worried when you find even a small bubble on your lips that contains a clear liquid, because it is characterized by rapid spread of the blisters over the entire surface of the lips and even near them. They are a real "fever" for the lips.

Предвестником генитального герпеса является увеличение лимфатических узлов. Ощупайте паховые лимфоузлы, измерьте температуру, которая при этом заболевании поднимается до 38-39 градусов, проследите за мочеиспусканием (оно учащается). К этим признакам может добавиться и тошнота, головная боль, онемение затылка, жжение и зуд кожи половых органов. Краснота и высыпание может затронуть также бедра и ягодицы. Однако прежде чем проявить беспокойство, убедитесь в наличии сгруппированных, наполненных прозрачной жидкостью пузырьков on the mucosa shell of the genital organs. They become cloudy for a few days, burst with the formation of small sores, and then they are covered with crust, which most often disappears independently through 5-8 days. Only such bubbles are an indisputable proof of the presence of genital herpes.

Immediately consult a doctor with increased sensitivity of the skin and a constant pain on the go nerves, accompanied by a throbbing headache. Particular alarm should cause a bubble rash on the reddened surface of the skin along the nerve, which inside contains a purulent bloody liquid. If you feel a tingling sensation or a burning sensation in the area of ??the blisters, be prepared for their breakthrough and further formation of ulcers in their place. All these signs are the unconditional symptoms of herpes zoster.

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