How to identify a complexion

How to identify a complexion
For women, the correct definition of color face, or color, is of great importance. It is necessary for competent selection of a color scale of cosmetics, clothes and accessories. Cosmetologists divide all women into four color types – winter, spring, summer and autumn. Summer and winter are considered cold, spring and autumn are warm. Bright types – spring and winter, muffled – summer and autumn. Light – spring and summer, dark – winter and autumn. To determine the color of your face, you need to read descriptions of all the color types, and choose the most suitable.

A typical representative of the spring color type has a pale skin with golden podton. Its light blush usually has a warm peach shade. Skin girls-We are characterized by freshness and radiance. The lips of the representatives of the spring color are usually warm red, without shades of blueness. Owners of freckles can boast of golden speckles. Girls of spring type usually quickly sunbathe to a warm reddish-honey or golden brown color. This spring skin colorotype is fundamentally different from the autumn color, which sunbathing with difficulties. Hair color the girl-весны чаще всего светлый, с золотистыми или рыжими оттенками.

The representative of the summer color-type can be recognized by the cold basic tone of the face, because of what the skin can produce the effect of a porcelain mask. The color of the skin can be a cold pink or olive tone. Identify the summer colorotype is difficult. Not to be mistaken, pay attention to freckles and birthmarks – at летних girls они серого или пепельного оттенка. Волосы и брови у них также имеют пепельный оттенок, а губы – холодный розовый. Кожа летнего цветотипа хорошо загорает, покрываясь холодным оливковым тоном без малейших оттенков золотистого.

The color of the girl's face of the autumn type can be warm ivory or golden-beige. The blush is most often absent – according to this feature the autumn colorotype differs from the spring one. Freckles and moles in a typical autumn reddish or brownish hue, lips – bright. Skin of autumn color is badly sunbathing, reddens and flakes. The hair, eyebrows and eyelashes of the girl-autumn usually have a rich reddish hue or have pronounced golden nuances, and the pigmentation is more pronounced than in the spring color.

The face of the winter color is characterized by bluish, cold shades without blush. This colorotype is found in two variations. "Snow White" has a light, transparent and very pale skin with a slight pink blush. The southern winter type has a skin of olive color, which can be confused with the autumn color. The main signs by which you can determine the winter is olive tan, bluish color of the lips and dark eyebrows and eyelashes. The hair of a winter girl can be dark brown or black with a bluish tint.

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