How to identify a birthmark

How to identify a birthmark
Moles there are different types and sizes. They can appear due to changes in the hormonal background during the transition period, during pregnancy or due to the natural aging of the body. A sharp increase in the number of moles in the summer season, after sunburn – is quite normal. In the vast majority, they are safe. Nevertheless, each birthmark under certain conditions can be transformed into a malignant neoplasm – melanoma, therefore it is necessary to carefully monitor the formations.

Remember that solar ultraviolet is the most dangerous for light-skinned, fair-haired and freckled people. They have a very high risk of degeneration of moles in melanoma. They should be in the hottest hours to be in the shade, if possible, do not go under the direct rays of the sun. If this is not possible, cover the body with clothes, wear a hat.

Потенциально dangerous любая травмированная родинка (ушибленная, треснувшая, натертая). Причем к ним относятся также образования, которые постоянно подвергаются механическому воздействию, например, если они расположены на таком участке тела, что ее постоянно задевают кромкой одежды или белья, расческой, цепочкой и т.д. Если у вас на теле есть такие родинки, необходимо обратиться к врачу. Если есть возможность, постарайтесь получить консультацию у узкого специалиста – онколога-дерматолога.

Регулярно осматривайте кожный покров, обращая особое внимание на любые изменения в birthmarks. These include: discoloration and increase in the size of the birthmark; inflammation, compaction around the neoplasm; painful sensations in the area of ??a mole, including itching, or burning; the appearance of nodules near the base of the mole; redness of the skin.

The whole body must be inspected. Ask for help from one of the relatives to check those parts of the skin that are difficult to examine yourself.

If any of the above symptoms are found, consult a doctor immediately. If the doctor suggests remove birthmark – Do not refuse. This removal is done in several ways, almost painless, and in most cases leaves no traces.

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