How to hydrate feet in summer

How to hydrate feet in summer
Lettom feet need more moisture, because open shoes, dust, sand and sunrays overdry the skin. Moisturizing masks, foot baths and peeling help solve your problem.

Наносить на кожу чудо-маски и кремы бессмысленно, если имеется слой омертвевшего эпителия. Распарьте legs for 20 minutes in hot water with the addition of salt, treat the heels and feet with pumice stone or brush. Rinse thoroughly under running water and apply olive oil, then put on soft socks.

Once a week, peel the skin. For this purpose, use either ready-made scrubs or sea salt. Preliminarily take the foot bath on the decoctions of medicinal herbs, for example, mint, sage, lemon balm, chamomile or oak bark. A liter of boiling water should be about 2-x table spoons of vegetable raw materials.

Daily use a nutritious lotion, enriched with vitamins. It is not necessary to buy expensive products, the usual children's cream will do. Put it on clean skin before going to bed and wear soft cotton socks.

Если у вас очень сухая кожа, смешайте оливковое и виноградное масло, добавьте капсулу «Аевита». Используйте в качестве крема для ног. Виноград прекрасно восстанавливает естественный баланс и увлажненность кожи.

Take a few tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese, chop the blender or wipe through a sieve. Add 15 g of fatty sour cream or cream. Stir, add a few drops of essential oil from grape seeds and a little lemon juice. Apply the received mass on stops, wrap with cellophane film. After 30-40 minutes, wash your feet with cool water and grease with oil or cream.

Try not to exclude from the diet products of animal origin even during diets. If the body does not receive fats even in small quantities, the skin becomes dry and flabby, especially noticeable by the condition of elbows and heels. In this case, take vitamin complexes and omega-3 fatty acids.

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