How to hide the bald patches

How to hide the bald patches
Many women experience because of the bald areas on the forehead, which spoil the appearance. If bald patches are not amenable to treatment, and hair restoration in this area of ??the skin is impossible, they can be disguised with a properly selected hairstyle and other means.

Baldness in Women arise due to hormonal imbalance, severe stress, a significant deficit of vitamins, with sexual dysfunctions and in case of removal of the ovaries. If you are faced with such a problem, first go to an appointment with the endocrinologist, identify reasons emergence bald head and proceed to treatment. When no treatment helps, you will only have one thing – to hide bald patches At the forehead with a properly selected hairstyle or find ways to carefully disguise them.

Go to the beauty salon to an experienced hairdresser who knows firsthand how to hide bald patches. Проконсультируйтесь с ним, подбирая новую стильную прическу, позволяющую замаскировать тревожащий вас недостаток внешности. Не отказывайтесь от причесок с модной челочкой, даже если вы привыкли зачесывать волосы назад и никогда раньше челку не носили. Только от коротких стрижек лучше откажитесь – они лишь подчеркнут bald patches, especially if you have rare hair from nature. When choosing a hairstyle, be sure to take into account the shape of the face and length of the neck, it is desirable to leave the hair long, so that later you can build from them an unrivaled hairstyle that hides all the shortcomings.

If you decide to radically change the look and get rid of от залысин надолго, используйте процедуру по наращиванию волос у профессионального мастера. Попросите мастера нарастить пучки натуральных волос, максимально приближенных по цветовой гамме к вашим локонам. Данная процедура сделает надоевшие вам bald patches invisible to others who are only surprised by the new hairstyle. Owners of dark hair by nature or brunettes can be recommended to disguise bald patches. To do this, simply paint the skin of the head in the places of bald spots with a paint selected for the hair color, or use the same coloring composition as in the case of hair coloring.

If one method of masking the bald areas at the forehead is the correct daily Hair Styling using special means, lacquer or gel. Wash your head every morning, and then use a hair dryer to create the desired effect, laying a bang in the area of ??the bald patches so that it becomes invisible. If you are the owner of long hair – create during the installation with the help of foam structural locks, framing them all face, then from the bald patches and the trace will not remain, and the hair will get without flaws.

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