How to hide short legs

How to hide short legs
Not everyone can boast of long legs. But this is not a reason for the complexes. Any shortcoming can be easily hidden with the help of properly selected clothes and turn it into dignity.

Remove from your wardrobe revealing belly tops, as well as capris and pants length of 7 / 8. They visually lengthen the body and visually shorten legs. To hide the proportion of the proportions of the figure, choose straight lines of classic cut trousers with a high pritatelnym belt and narrow tops to the middle of the thigh. Do not accentuate the waist line, but try to disguise it. Look narrowly at the shortened jackets, they help to shift the accents and hide the flaw.

Do not buy a tulip skirt above knee, short wide skirts and trousers with cuffs. Narrow shapes and flowing fabrics will suit you. Decorate the figure and hide the short ones legs straight-fitting straight silhouette dresses, coats, raincoats and jackets without a belt. Pay attention to models with high waist, they are ideal for short legs.

Forget skirts and jeans with a low waist, bright belts with decorative trim – it's not yours. история. They attract attention and accentuate the look at the waist. For the same reason, never tuck light blouses into pants or skirts. Wear a straight line and semi-adjacent jackets, blouses and tops that conceal the waist line.

Prefer clothes that are in one color. And pantyhose, chosen in the color of the skirt, will make your legs optically long. Also suitable for short legs are pantyhose of dark tones.

Носите обувь на высоком каблуке. Если для вас это неприемлемо, то хотя бы в 4-5 сантиметров. Каблуки зрительно удлиняют legs. An alternative to heels can be shoes on a wedge, which visually stretches the leg and at the same time is more stable and comfortable than shoes and boots with heels.

Do not forget that any lack of a figure is easy to hide, focusing attention on the refined hairstyle and well-groomed hair, skilful make-up of the face and original non-standard ornaments.

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