How to hide red spots on the face? Smooth radiant color without problems

How to hide red spots on the face? Smooth radiant color without problems
Red spots on the face can appear in every girl. Fortunately, with the help of modern cosmetics, you can get rid of them in a matter of minutes. The main thing is to choose the right cosmetics and to provide the proper skin care for the face. Makeup artists and cosmetologists have invented a variety of means with which you can hide various flaws on the face skin. It is best to hide red spots, tonal creams, concealers, proof-readers, powders and other means. However, it is very important to choose the right product. The color of the tonal basis or powder must necessarily match the skin color. In addition, such cosmetic products should not overdry the skin or emphasize the greasy shine on the face.

It is best to buy modern cosmetics, for example, BB cream. They perfectly mask the flaws on the face, adjust to the skin color, moisturize and protect it from the effects of negative environmental factors.

Before you disguise the red spots on the face under a layer of foundation or powder, you need to cleanse the skin well. Usually, red spots are visible even under the layer of make-up, so to begin with it is recommended to make the spots less pronounced. For a total use of usual drops for eyes "Vizin". Drops narrow the vessels, reduce redness and slightly dry the skin. Wet the sponge or cotton wool in drops for a couple of minutes in the freezer, and then attach to the red spots on the face for five minutes.

After such a procedure, red spots become less noticeable and easier to mask with decorative cosmetics.

To the complexion was smooth and radiant, decorative cosmetics should be applied in several stages. To begin with, you need to spread evenly over the face a foundation lotion. Today, foundation can replace tonal fluid, ВВ или СС крема. Такие средства имеют более легкую текстуру и лучше ложатся на кожу. Нужно выбирать только качественную косметику для лица. Поэтому не стоит на ней экономить. Отдавайте предпочтение известным косметическим брендам.

Очень важно равномерно распределить тональное средство по коже лица. Если после нанесения тонального средства красные пятна будут видны, то их нужно дополнительно замаскировать консилером. Правильно подобранный по цвету консилер поможет скрыть все недостатки, даже самые выраженные. Консилер наносится точечно на проблемные зоны и мягко втирается в кожу с помощью пальца или спонжа.

Many girls want that after applying tonal remedies, the facial skin was matte. This effect is very simple. You just need to use the powder at the final stage. However, it is very important that the powder has a light texture, otherwise it will emphasize all the flaws on the face: peeling, wrinkles, pores and the like. It is best to use a mineral or friable powder.

To give your skin a healthy glow, makeup artists recommend using hailers or shimmer. Such means in the structure contain светоотражающие the particles thanks to which the skin shines. Today you can buy powder or blush with the effect of a shimmer. Such a universal tool is suitable for creating both day and evening make-up. But you need to use it only after you carefully disguise all the flaws or redness on the skin of the face.

Remember that red spots on the face need not only be masked with make-up, but also treated. Visit the beautician and do skin-clearing cosmetic procedures. Use medicinal cosmetics and high-quality cleansers, for example, Vichi and Clean & Clear.

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