How to hide acne

How to hide acne
Acne is a real problem, especially for a gentle female face, which, as a rule, affects people of adolescence. In addition to a sense of discomfort, acne and acne can lead to the appearance of traces on the skin, which is not easy to remove. With this scourge, you can cope with the proper care of the skin, as well as cosmetics, matched with intelligence. The first will prevent the appearance of new acne, and the second will disguise the existing ones.

Прыщик, внезапно появившийся на лице, может испортить не только настроение, но и возможный поход на светское мероприятие. Позаботьтесь о своем лице, чтобы избавиться от этих надоедливых и столь нежелательных элементов вашего милого личика. Но пока проблема имеет место, попытайтесь скрыть presence pimples on your skin.

Cleanse your face. So you get rid of the dead cells of the skin, clean the clogged pores and prevent the appearance of new pimples. Use a soft scrub to do this, which will not scratch the skin. And this means that such a scrub will not cause irritation of the pimples and will not lead to their inflammation. And inflamed acne become very noticeable on the skin. You can also use a cleansing gel with the effect of exfoliation.

Wipe your face with a tonic so that remove remnants of dirt and fats. Tonic cleanses the skin well and lets it breathe freely.

Кожу затем следует увлажнить соответствующим средством, чтобы придать ей дополнительную упругость и гладкость. Если вы имеете проблемную кожу, обратитесь к дерматологу за советом касательно того, какой moisturizing cream is better to use. Buy a special remedy for problem skin, which destroys bacteria that provoke the appearance eels and acne (also having consulted with the dermatologist).

After this preparation, you can apply makeup. To to disguise pimples, воспользуйтесь хорошим корректором (консилером), который можно купить практически в любом косметическом отделе. Замазывайте этим корректором только проблемные места.

Most good correctors have, as a rule, a greenish or yellowish hue. Why? Yes because these colors best mask pimples. Also look at the composition: quality correctors do not contain oil.

Then apply a tonal base over the corrector (it should also not include oil in its composition). This will be the final touch in the process of masking acne and ennobling the skin. Before going to bed, always clean the skin so that at night it can breathe freely.

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