How to hide a nose with a potato

How to hide a nose with a potato
Large nose in the form of potatoes is not very happy with their mistresses. No matter how beautiful other features of the face, such a nose spoils the appearance of a woman. Therefore, the owners of this defect resort to many tricks to make this detail of their face less visible.

You will need
  • – daily cream;
  • – makeup base;
  • – light and dark powder;
  • – Lip gloss or lipstick bright colors.
The most important assistant in solving this problem is makeup. To visually adjust the shape of the nose "potatoes", It is necessary to apply the tonal remedy correctly. First of all, apply to the whole face a day cream or a make-up base, let it absorb well. After that, with a strip across the bridge of the nose, apply a light powder to the tip of the nose. Then apply a powder on the wings of the nose. Transitions between the tones thoroughly shade, saving them only on the tip of the nose.

При макияже лица с носом в форме картошки избегайте четких геометрических линий. Лучше придерживаться округлых форм. Даже при макияже губ и бровей подчеркните их округлость – так очертания вашего носа будут менее заметны. Придать глазам более округлую форму легко с помощью теней для век.

The next trick, distracting sight from not so beautiful form of a nose – bright lipstick. Paint your lips with a glitter of bright color, and all attention when looking at your face will be directed to the lips. But if your facial features are large, do not use too bright, "screaming" lipstick. Eyes should also attract attention, distracting from the nose is not too successful shape.

If you have oily skin, stay tuned for a day so that your nose does not shone. Powder it without breaking the corrective make-up.

And, of course, do not forget that a successful hairstyle is half the success. Correctly matched, it is able to adjust the shape of the face and distract attention from some features that you think are not very beautiful. In the case of a nose with "potatoes", a hairstyle with strands that fall on the face will do. It also gives your image a romantic feel. Hairstyles with a bang too will approach or suit for women, имеющих нос «картошкой», но челка ни в коем случае не должна падать на нос, иначе эффект будет обратным – все внимание достанется вашему носу.

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