How to grow very long hair

How to grow very long hair
Luxurious, flowing along the shoulders and lowering to the waist, the locks adorn the woman, especially if they look healthy. It is difficult to quickly grow long hair, because nature has its own terms for this. Therefore, in order to hairstyle pleased with its appearance, you need to be patient and organize the proper hair care.

You will need
  • – Shampoo and balm;
  • – стимулирующие маски;
  • – mustard;
  • – pepper;
  • – onion.
Choose suitable hair growth stimulants. The ruler should include not only a shampoo, but also an air conditioner and a mask. There are also special lotions to stimulate hair growth, but they should be looked for in shops offering professional care products.

Try to have in the menu products containing vitamins of group B, calcium, zinc, copper. To improve the condition of hair, you can also use special mineral complexes.

Refer to folk remedies. Many of them stimulate hair growth, it is only necessary to regularly make masks using components that stimulate the blood circulation of hair follicles. This is a onion, red pepper, mustard. To obtain a mask, scroll the bulb through the meat grinder and rub the gruel into the scalp. Powder of mustard or red pepper is diluted in water to a uniform consistency and applied to the hair for 30 minutes.

Не менее полезны для волос касторовое и репейное масла. Если втирать их в корни волос дважды в неделю, они будут получать массу питательных веществ.

If you want to grow long hair, contact a beauty salon. Such procedures as mesotherapy and ozone therapy, further stimulate blood circulation and nutrient supply to the bulbs.

Visit the hairdresser regularly. If you do not follow the condition of the tips, then released long hair will be cut and broken, which will affect not only the length, but also the appearance. In order for long hair to be healthy, it is best to cut them with hot scissors. Such a haircut prevents the cross-section of the tips.

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