How to grow short nails

How to grow short nails
Accrued nails look very good, but if you do not want to waste time visiting beauty salons, try to grow your own. To speed up the process, you need to pay 10 minutes per day for the procedures.

You will need
  • – sea salt;
  • – citrus juice;
  • – vitaminized gel;
  • – medical varnish.
Nails grow well when the body receives enough vitamins and minerals. Usually too little essential trace elements are digested from food, so the plates become thin and brittle. Take complex products that are designed to maintain health and beauty among women. Do not forget to read the instructions for use so that there is no allergy or overdose of the remedy.

Make salt baths for nails. Dissolve in a liter of water 3-4 tablespoons of sea salt. Hold hands in a liquid 10 minutes, then you can do a manicure, if necessary. If you use ordinary salt, add vitamin A and E capsules to the water, as well as a drop of iodine.

Juice of citrus fruits has whitening properties, and also improves the growth and general condition of the nails. Wipe the plates with lemon or grapefruit juice. If you have free time, cut the fruit in half, immerse the fingers in the juicy pulp and hold 7-10 minutes, at the end, apply a nourishing cream. The procedure is carried out several times a week.

At pharmacies, specialized stores, as well as in catalogs with cosmetic products, you can find vitaminized serums that strengthen the nails and improve their growth. Buy a similar tool and use as described in the instructions.

During the growth of nails, it is undesirable to use varnishes and a liquid with acetone too often. If you want to give nails a glossy sheen, apply a medical coating that does not provoke the exfoliation of horny scales.

After a few weeks, you will grow long fingernails, which again need care. Carry out the same procedures that you did to speed up the growth of the plates. Do not use low-quality lacquers and do not forget to periodically give nails to rest. To do this, remove the coating, make a bath for hands and apply a nourishing cream.

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