How to grow nails for a day

How to grow nails for a day
Girls dream of growing their nails in one day, but this is simply impossible, since the nail plate grows a couple of millimeters per week. You can make long nails with the help of gel or acrylic, but their structure deteriorates. Thanks to folk methods and proper care, you can grow your nails in a short time.

You will need
  • – vitamin complex;
  • – almond or olive oil;
  • – Nourishing cream for hands and nails;
  • – iodine;
  • – glycerol;
  • – salt;
  • – lemon.
Properly perform a manicure, choose for yourself a comfortable form of nails, which will not interfere with daily life (otherwise they can be broken). For manicure use only sterile instruments, do not cut the cuticle, but only move it away with an orange stick. Use a glass nail file, cut them in only one direction, so as not to provoke stratification. Give your nails a rest from the nail polish.

For health and rapid growth of nails are important fat-soluble vitamins A and E, which have antioxidant effects. Regularly eat pork and chicken liver, cheese, fatty marine fish, fresh vegetables and fruits and eggs. Vitamin E can be obtained from nuts and seeds, cereals and vegetable oils, milk, green salad, green salad and legumes. These vitamins work perfectly in pairs and only complement each other's actions. You can drink a complex of vitamins, excellent for women's beauty is the drug "Aevit" in capsules.

Prepare an oil bath for rapid nail growth. To do this, pour a small amount of almond, olive or castor oil in the dishes and warm it up. Add three to five drops of glycerin and iodine. Put your fingers in the oil solution and hold for twenty minutes, pat the hands with a tissue (do not rinse). Thanks to this procedure (which is recommended to be done two or three times a week), the nails will become shiny, strong and long.

Regular massage of the nail plate and cuticle area will improve blood circulation. As a result, the nails will begin to grow much faster and will cease to separate. During the massage, use pre-heated almond or olive oil, you can replace any nutritious cream for hands and nails.

Do regular (several times a week) warm baths with iodine and salt. For its preparation, pour a half-liter of warm water into a small container, add two tablespoons of table salt, mix and pour in ten drops of iodine. Put your hands in the solution and hold for fifteen minutes. Such a bath will help to accelerate the growth of nails and strengthen them. You can replace sea salt, which is much more effective.

Lemon juice also has a favorable effect on the growth of nails and strengthens their structure. Press the juice out of the half of the lemon and oil it with the nails. You can do the following: cut the lemon in half and hold the nails in its pulp for two minutes. After this procedure, it is recommended to lubricate the nails with a nutritious hand cream.

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