How to grow long hair in a short time

How to grow long hair in a short time
Длинные волосы вновь и вновь оказываются на пике популярности и никогда не останутся незамеченными даже в толпе.

Perhaps nature and patience have already endowed you with a long oblique. But what to do if, due to stress, unbalanced nutrition, poor ecology, hair grows slowly, and you want to approach the ideal length as quickly as possible? The main points to look at are vitamins and good blood circulation.

The necessary vitamins are easiest to get from daily food. To do this, add to the diet of dairy products, eggs, seafood, vegetable (unrefined) oils, yeast, nuts, fresh vegetables, cereals. Harmful habits, like excessive consumption of sweet, salty and acute will not improve health and they should be better left in the past. One of the simplest means of improving the circulation of the scalp is massage. For head massage, it is best to use a brush made of natural bristles and wood, and massage can also be done directly with hands.

An additional effect can be achieved with the use of aromatic oils. In addition, a laser comb can be used to massage the scalp, which strengthens the hair and heals the scalp. Will help improve blood circulation and massage of the cervical spine. Whichever massage option you choose, the most important thing is the regularity of the procedures. For a positive effect, 10 minutes per day will suffice.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of options for masks that promote faster hair growth. The effect of these masks is based on the use of components that irritate the hair follicles, which improves the blood circulation of the scalp, and also enhances the inflow of nutrients. As ingredients for these masks are used ginger, cinnamon, onion, red pepper, mustard. The choice of components on this is not limited, so that everyone can choose a favorite component for themselves.

A popular remedy for accelerating growth is burdock oil, containing vitamins, acids, protein, essential oils essential to hair. The action of burdock oil is aimed at the normalization of the activity of sebaceous glands and ulcers, the adsorption of harmful substances. Burdock oil is used alone or included in the composition of masks. It should be noted that in view of the peculiarities of the composition, burdock oil must be washed off with hair using shampoo.

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