How to grow long and thick eyelashes at home

How to grow long and thick eyelashes at home
To grow thick and long eyelashes that emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, these simple but effective folk recipes will help. They can be used at home on their own.

Kastorovoe butter

Castor oil will help make eyelashes bulky, and also eliminate microorganisms that prevent the growth of eyelashes.

Mix 2 tablespoons of castor oil and Aloe Vera gel. Wet a cotton swab in this mixture and apply to the eyelashes. Leave it overnight. In the morning, rinse with warm water. Follow the procedure daily for 2 months.

Olive oil

Oleic acid and vitamin E, contained in olive oil, nourish and increase the volume of eyelashes, and also make them darker.

Preheat a little olive oil and, using a cotton swab, apply on eyelashes. Hold on all night. In the morning rinse with warm water. Do the procedure daily for 2 months.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera contains nutrients and vitamins, which significantly improve the growth of eyelashes, as well as moisturize them.

Make a mixture of a tablespoon of aloe vera gel, jojoba oil and a teaspoon of chamomile broth. Apply the mixture on the eyelashes with a brush from the mascara. After about 15 minutes, rinse with warm water. Perform for a couple of months.

Green tea

A large number of flavonoids in green tea make it an excellent tool for growing thick and long eyelashes.

Prepare the green tea and let it cool. Then dip a cotton swab into tea and apply to the eyelashes. Wash off in 15 minutes. Repeat 2 times a day for 2 months.

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