How to grow long and strong nails

How to grow long and strong nails
As Pushkin said, "you can be a sensible person and think about the beauty of nails …". Beautiful hands with a neat manicure is the dream of many women. Following simple recommendations, you can grow long and strong nails.

Proper nutrition is the basis of healthy nails. Include in the daily menu products rich in calcium and vitamins A and D. Cottage cheese, figs, fish, red meat and dates will help enrich the body with useful substances and strengthen your marigolds. Eat marmalade, jelly and other products containing gelatin. It is very useful for nails, accelerates their growth and strengthens the nail plate.

Never gnaw your nails and protect your hands from the aggressive influence of the external environment. Do homework with gloves, and after each hand wash, grease them with cream.

Regularly do the house salt baths for nails. In a glass of warm boiled water, dissolve 1 – 2 teaspoons of salt and lower the nails there for 10 – 12 minutes. This procedure helps nourish the nails and makes them stronger. Very useful massage and bath with warm olive oil. To enhance the healing effect, make a complex massage with vegetable oils, adding a little sea salt to them.

Do a manicure 1-2 times a month. Keep track of the condition domestic tools with which you do the correction of nails. They must be sharp and clean. Select a file glass or cardboard, refuse from metal. Saw nails in one direction, otherwise you risk damaging them.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit the beauty salon regularly, do it at least once in 2 – 3 months. In salons, except manicure and pedicure, you will be offered various procedures for the care of hands and feet. This hydrotherapy, various masks and professional massage. Very useful paraffin masks. They are applied after the baths and peeling. Hand several times immersed in warm melted paraffin until the formation of "gloves". Then put on terry mittens. After a while, the paraffin is removed and light massage is done using a moisturizer. Treatment of nails with paraffin, you can, if desired, and conduct yourself, by purchasing a special kit.

Не увлекайтесь частым наращиванием ногтей, это ослабляет ногтевую пластину. Пользуйтесь увлажняющими и витаминизированными кремами для рук и ногтей, профессиональными средствами для кутикулы. Результатом такого ухода будут нежные руки с крепкими и красивыми ногтями.

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