How to grow long and healthy hair at home

How to grow long and healthy hair at home
Длинные локоны создают приятное впечатление ухоженности и привлекают взгляды. Не секрет, что на их длину и здоровье влияют не только дорогие шампуни и прочие косметические средства, но и образ жизни, состав питания и общее состояние организма.

To achieve the expected result, it will not be enough to use the services of a hairdresser and regularly visit beauty salons, it is necessary to combine this with natural and more natural methods.

Before you start directly to work, you need to psychologically adjust yourself to the fact that the process of hair growing is quite difficult, and to achieve a significant result, you need patience and time.

So, first of all, the growth of hair is promoted by proper nutrition. It is necessary to saturate the body with vegetables, fruits and herbs, but from harmful food, like fast food, it is worth to give up altogether. It is necessary to minimize the consumption of fried and fatty foods. It will be useful to drink at least two liters of water per day. Especially good influence on hair is produced by products rich in potassium, zinc, iodine, calcium, magnesium, chromium, beta-carotene, and vitamins A, B, C and E.

In the cultivation of ringlets, it is necessary to provide for such details as proper washing of the head. When buying shampoo, pay attention to the composition, there must be proteins, glycerin (or extracts of plants), keratin, fruit wax, plant extracts and vitamins PP, B, A and D-panthenol. The more components are prescribed in the composition, the better. However, there should not be alkane, paraffin, silicone, lauryl sulfate and petroleum jelly.

Masks for hair growth

Ingredients: one liter of water, 1 / 4 from a loaf of black bread. The mask is applied to dirty hair. Litre of water you need to boil and cool. Put the bread in warm water and leave for an hour. Remains of soggy bread to remove, then water rub into the roots of hair. Next, you need to wrap your hair and wait about 30 minutes. Owners of oily hair in the mixture should add lemon juice, and girls with dry hair – essential oils.

Ingredients: beer, rye bread In 0,5 liters of beer put 200 gram of rye bread and leave for an hour. Then it is necessary to whip the contents of the mixer to a homogeneous state. The mask is applied to clean hair for 40 minutes.

Ingredients: onions, honey.

Two bulbs to grind to the state of gruel, juice should be removed. Add a tablespoon of honey and apply on the hair. The mask should be kept no more than 40 minutes.

Simple head massages can also contribute. You can make your fingers with circular movements, smoothly moving from forehead to temples, easy to sip and tear the skin.

If you start using these methods on an ongoing basis, long and healthy locks will certainly perfectly complement any image.

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