How to grow healthy nails

How to grow healthy nails
Well-groomed nails make an impression on others and make their owner happy. But it happens that it is not easy to grow them: they break down, exfoliate, turn yellow. There are many ways to care for the nails, allowing them to make them healthy and beautiful. The main thing is not to spare time and energy.

You will need
  • – Protein-rich foods;
  • – vitamins;
  • – omega-3;
  • – sea salt;
  • – Warm water;
  • – крем для кутикул;
  • – lemon juice;
  • – iodine;
  • – gelatin.
Nail plates need to be fed from the inside. Therefore, include in your diet foods rich in protein: fish, meat, sunflower seeds, cheese, milk. Use complexes containing vitamins D, A and zinc – they are also important for the growth of nails. Separately, take Omega-3 capsules and methionine, these substances also strengthen the nail plates.

Develop the habit of always keeping your hands warm. As a result, the influx of blood to the nails will increase, their growth will accelerate. Often, massage your fingers from the tip to the base. Do not wash the dishes and do other chores without gloves.

Very useful warm baths with salt, best of all marine. Do them regularly before bedtime. Simply dissolve a few teaspoons of salt in hot water, and when it is slightly cool, immerse your hands there for 10 minutes.

Buy a good cuticle cream, it contains vitamins and minerals necessary for nails, strengthens them, promotes growth. Every day, apply a little cream on the nails and the area around them, gently massage and rub.

Get a vitamin E in the pharmacy capsules and 2-3 once a week, put a little money on the nails. This should be done in the same way as in the case of creams – massage movements, covering the nail and cuticle itself.

Beneficial effect on the nails lemon juice with salt. Squeeze a little juice in a saucer, lightly salt, mix and brush on nail plates. This tool should be stored for about 20 minutes on the nails, а потом смыть теплой водой.

Strengthens the nails and prevents their stratification of iodine. Smear them with nail plates for the night and do not be afraid that they will turn yellow: by the morning iodine will completely absorb, and yellowness will go away.

From time to time (2 or 3 times a week), make gelatinous baths to strengthen the nails. Dissolve ? tablespoon of food gelatin in a glass of hot water, cool the mixture and immerse the fingers in it for 15 minutes.

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