How to grow healthy and beautiful nails

How to grow healthy and beautiful nails
Well-groomed hands are one of the main external criteria by which we are judged by other people, but what if the nails refuse to grow, puff and get ugly yellow, and want to finally become a happy owner of a fashionable and beautiful manicure.


Nails, like hair, need high-quality nutrition, rich in vitamins and minerals, so it's worth emphasizing certain foods that contain the substances most needed for nails.

The main vitamin, responsible for the growth rate of nails, isvitamin A, in excess contained in broccoli, avocado and carrots. It is worth remembering about the fat-solubility of vitamin A, so for its best absorption, you need fats, for example, a spoonful of olive oil in a salad with broccoli or a spoon of cream in carrot juice.

Nails lack a fortress? The help will come витамин B from cabbage, mushrooms, almonds and buckwheat.

For the beautiful color and evenness of the nails, vitamin C, which is full of kiwi, Bulgarian pepper, parsley, black currant and sea-buckthorn.

Vitamin E solves problems with dryness and bleakness, so owners of dull nails should lean on pine nuts, pistachios and dogrose.

Without calcium о здоровых ногтях остается только мечтать, но для его усвоения понадобится vitamin D, formed in the body under the influence of ultraviolet, so you need not forget about sunbathing: a quarter of an hour in the sun in a day is enough.

Baths for nails

Having dealt with internal problems, you can take care of the external positive effects, and here special baths have proved to be very good.

Bath with sea salt

Проста в применении и дает ощутимый положительный результат уже после первой процедуры. Для ее приготовления нужно просто добавить в теплую воду пару столовых ложек морской соли (можно с фитодобавками, это только увеличит пользу) и подержать в ней пальцы двадцать минут. Такая ванночка укрепит и отбелит ногти.

Oil bath

Good in the fight against dryness and brittle nails. Any oil, but preferably wheat germ oil rich in vitamin E, is preferable. The oil needs to be gently warmed and the nails are held in it for fifteen minutes, after getting wet with fingers with a paper towel, not washing off the residual oil, but letting it absorb.

Bath with iodine

For this bath you will need to dissolve two tablespoons of salt in hot water and add a teaspoon of iodine, keep the nails in such a bath for ten minutes.

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