How to grow hair very fast

How to grow hair very fast
The intensity of hair growth is laid down genetically. And, unfortunately, the speed of their updating is not so great, about 1-2 cm per month. However, many internal factors prevent even what is inherent in nature. And as a result, quickly grow hair becomes quite difficult, because often have to cut off and split ends. To correct this situation it is possible, having excluded all adverse moments and having provided correct care of hair.

You will need
  • – vitamins;
  • – mustard, tincture of pepper, aloe juice;
  • – honey, carrot juice, egg, vegetable oils.
Для нормального состояния и здоровья волосам необходимо укрепление, прежде всего, изнутри, т.е. ежедневное поступление белков, витаминов, минеральных солей. А поскольку основную их часть организм получает из пищи, обогатите свой рацион полезными продуктами: морковью, злаками, орехами, нерафинированными растительными жирами, фруктами, зеленью.

Eat a handful of pumpkin and sunflower seeds every day. They contain vegetable fats, fatty acids, vitamin E, zinc. They are just necessary for hair growth. Use sour-milk products, butter, eggs – a source of proteins, sulfur, vitamins. Of drinks, be sure to drink clean water – up to 8 glasses per day and 2-3 cups of green tea with lemon and honey.

Try to consume vegetable food that has not been heat treated. It contains more useful substances and in its raw form is irreplaceable for the intestine. From his activity depends on the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

In periods of slow hair growth or excessive shedding, take vitamins additionally. Of particular value are A, E, C, B and trace elements of copper, magnesium, iron, zinc.

For normal blood supply of the hair bulb and the receipt of all useful substances to it, good blood circulation is necessary. This can be achieved by regular sports activities. The indicator of qualitative physical activity is the sweat on the skin. To achieve this result, choose an intensive sport – shaping, aerobics, energetic dances.

At the end of the day, do a scalp massage, and 1 once a week before washing your hair, use during the massage substances that stimulate a rush of blood to the hair follicle. Aloe juice, mustard, pepper tincture have this effect. Add 1-2 drops (pinches) of any of them in 2 st.l. olive or burdock oil and, having moistened in it pads of fingers, rub a means into a skin of a head. These products may well be components of any hair mask.

The most effective hair masks are those that consist of their products, rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth and health. These are vegetable oils, especially sea buckthorn, burdock and cedar, carrot juice, honey, egg yolk, juice of onions, crumb of gray bread. They can be combined or used separately. To increase the nutritional value of the mask, it is useful to add to it, regardless of the composition of 2-3, the capsules of the oil solution of vitamin A and E.

Маску делайте перед каждым мытьем головы. Нанесите ее на влажные корни волос, а чтобы она не высыхала и лучше впитывалась, создайте тепло – оберните волосы клеенкой и шерстяным шарфом. Через 30 минут тщательно промойте их водой, шампунем и смягчите бальзамом.

Немаловажным условием для нормального роста волос является состояние нервной и эндокринной системы. Сбои в их работе часто связанны с авитаминозом, стрессами, нарушенным режимом труда и отдыха, гиподинамией и другими вредными факторами. Без их исключения о здоровье и красоте волос можно не мечтать.

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