How to grow hair on the head

How to grow hair on the head
Rapidly growing luxurious hair on the head is a vain undertaking. It takes time and effort to grow long hair. The success of the beginning will depend on the health of the organism as a whole. If you lack important vitamins or trace elements, even the most expensive cosmetics will not help.

It is necessary to know that the growth rate volos at all different. Usually on average hair increase by 10-13 mm per month. If you try very hard, you can accelerate the growth of hair for another 3-5 mm. How should we try? – First of all, do not be nervous!
The fact that the psychological state of a person greatly affects the hair growth. Doctors-trichologists advise their patients exclude from a life of stress, and also to adjust a correct delivery, improvement of a microcirculation of a skin of a head.
How to grow hair on the head

To begin with, you must change your approach to daily scalp care. Do not wash your head with hot water, but with warm water. After all, high temperatures harm the hair follicles, so the hair begins to thin and become salted.
Every day you need comb волосы по несколько минут массажной щеткой с натуральной bristles. Movement should be slow, so that the microcirculation of blood in the scalp is improved. This massage helps hair growth.
If you wash your head every day, then use gentle shampoos for daily use. Not worth every day use potent hair growth agents, it can deplete hair. Do this every other day. Do not dry the wax at the roots with a hairdryer. Try to use less time for styling. After all, all this dries the scalp and slows the growth of hair.
How to grow hair on the head

Позаботьтесь о правильном питании. Каждый день в ваш организм должнопоступать достаточное количество кальция, хрома, цинка, йода, марганца и магния. Ведь эти вещества способствуют росту волос. Такие минералы содержатся в различных крупах, орехах, молоке и твороге, а также в зеленых овощах и фруктах. Можно пить пивные дрожжи. И ни в коем случае на период роста волос не придерживайтесь диет.
In addition to massage during combing, massage the scalp additionally. It's possible делать during washing your head and in your free time, alone and in the cabin beauty. A good effect is given by mesotherapy, ozonotherapy, physiotherapy, medical massage.
How to grow hair on the head

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