How to grow hair in a week

How to grow hair in a week
Long and well-groomed hair serve as a decoration for women. On average, in a month they grow to 2-3 cm, but not more. Accordingly, one should not wait for visible results through week, even if you apply different masks daily on them. If you urgently need chic locks, at your service build-up, which is carried out in beauty salons. Well, the patient ladies will help speed up the process of various procedures.

You will need
  • – medical shampoo;
  • – vitamin supplements;
  • – Burr oil;
  • – Mustard powder or red pepper.
Hair begins to grow strongly, when the body receives the right amount of trace elements. Buy a vitamin complex that is enriched with calcium, zinc, phosphorus and fluoride. Also, take fish oil, which can now be found in capsules – it does not have an unpleasant taste, and the smell is completely absent. If you have any health problems, consult your doctor before eating supplements.

Get a shampoo in the pharmacy that activates hair growth. It usually contains brewer's yeast and vitamin supplements, and the label has the corresponding inscription "Hair growth activator or" Accelerates hair growth. Regularly use it to cleanse the head, and to strengthen the effect, apply and therapeutic balm.

Burdock oil will help not only to accelerate the process of growing ringlets, but also to improve them. Lightly heat 60 ml of oil, apply on unwashed hair, wrap with film and towel and leave for 60 minutes, and can be longer. Rinse your head thoroughly several times. Mask several times a week. You can use olive oil, but you need to add any fat-based vitamins.

Make a mustard mask. Take a tablespoon of powder and mix it with shampoo, olive or burdock oil, sour cream or yogurt (about 50 ml). Apply to hair roots for 30 minutes. Instead of mustard, you can use red pepper (1 tsp for 50 ml of sour cream).

Massage of the scalp improves the flow of blood, which accelerates the growth of hair. Daily comb your hair for 10 minutes with a wooden comb. Also twist your hair, taking it between your fingers. Gradually you will notice good results.

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