How to grow gorgeous hair

How to grow gorgeous hair
Luxurious hair – a generous gift of nature. But you can try to improve the condition of your hair yourself. Make an effort, change the diet, connect a modern cosmetic arsenal and the best recipes of traditional medicine. In a few months your efforts will necessarily succeed.

You will need
  • – soft shampoos;
  • – serum;
  • – Wooden combs and brushes of their natural bristles;
  • – sets of dry herbs;
  • – Rye bread;
  • – eggs;
  • – kefir;
  • – olive oil;
  • – Hair massager.
To grow strong and healthy hair, please be patient. You will need to improve the condition of the scalp, strengthen the hair follicles, make the strands elastic and elastic. For the period of active care, give up chemical perm, discoloration, coloring with aggressive preparations. Do not treat hair with hot tongs, irons and curling irons and do not dry them with a hairdryer. Eliminate styling products containing alcohol – they promote dryness and brittle hair.

Следите за питанием. На состояние волос благотворно влияют жирные кислоты, которые содержатся в рыбе, оливковом масле и орехах. Полезен и кальций, которого много в молочных продуктах. Добавьте в рацион свежие и вареные овощи и грубую клетчатку. Жесткая диета губительна для ваших локонов – они становятся слабыми и хрупкими, начинают выпадать. Пейте витаминные комплексы, разработанные специально для улучшения состояния волос.

Hair growth can be stimulated with a massage. Stock up with a special device from procrastination with balls на концах, которые деликатно массируют кожу головы и не рвут волосы. Если подобного приспособления у вас нет, ежедневно обрабатывайте голову пальцами. Мелкими круговыми движениями растирайте кожу, продвигаясь от затылка ко лбу и от висков к макушке. Такой самомассаж отлично стимулирует нервные окончания, способствует приливу крови к коже и укрепляет корни волос. Делайте его ежедневно, утром и вечером.

Once a week, do warm compresses for the hair. Prepare a mixture of eggs, a glass of kefir, a spoonful of olive oil and a handful of crumbs of rye bread. Stir well and apply the mask on the head, rubbing it with the fingertips into the skin. Cover your hair with a film and wrap it over a thick terry towel. Hold the mixture for about an hour, then rinse the hair thoroughly.

Wash your head with a mild organic shampoo or folk remedies – rye bread, kefir, egg. After each washing rinse the strands with herbal infusion. For dry hair, fake color fits, dry will like hops or nettles. Herbs can be lightly toning hair. For example, a chamomile will give a beautiful golden shine to blonde hair, and black tea will effectively darken the dark.

Be extremely careful with your hair. Do not overtighten the hair with elastic bands, replace the metal combs with wooden ones, and plastic brushes with natural bristles. Be sure to protect your hair from bright sun and frost with suitable headgear.

Если щадящих domestic means not enough, connect professional care. Visit a trichologist who will analyze the condition of your hair. You will be prescribed vitamins and medications in ampoules. Use their courses, always taking breaks, provided in the instructions.

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