How to grow fast long nails

How to grow fast long nails
Long nails – a worthy completion of the image of a successful woman, the problem is only that quickly grow your can not always. To accelerate the growth rate, a set of strengthening and stimulating measures is needed, which can be carried out at home.

You will need
  • – sea salt;
  • – lemon juice;
  • – vitamins A and E
  • – iodine.
To grow long nails, daily make strengthening baths. In warm water, dissolve a tablespoon of sea salt, to which a few drops of iodine are added. Keep the nails in the water until it cools down, but at least 10 minutes.

Sometimes problems with the nails arise due to glitches in the thyroid gland and lack of iodine. You can improve the situation, every evening painting your nails with iodine. To strengthen health in this way will not succeed, but to reduce the fragility of nails and accelerate their growth is quite realistic. One of the signs of iodine deficiency is its complete absorbency for several hours.

Take the lemon and cut it into halves, immersing it in each nail on both hands right down to the base. The longer they come into contact with lemon juice, the better the result. This procedure strengthens the nails, and the less they will dissolve, the faster they will grow.

Each evening, rub vitamins A and E in the nail plates, which can be obtained from capsules or bought in liquid form immediately. Such a massage will improve the condition of the nails. You can use the vitamins in pure form or add it to the hand cream.

Try to consume more foods that contain calcium. This cottage cheese, cheese, milk. Without enough calcium, the nails will not become firm and will not grow faster.

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