How to Grow Bristles

How to Grow Bristles
The growth rate of bristles depends on the level of male hormones and genetic heredity. Bristle begins grow after puberty. When a young man starts to shave off the hair on his face, their growth accelerates. They become more rigid. Some men believe that the bristles give them a manhood and a more solid, adult look. Therefore, all ways to accelerate its growth.

Для того чтобы щетина выросла, первое, что нужно сделать, this is to stop to shave. Then it will necessarily grow. The rate of growth depends on genetic heredity. At everyone this process very individual.

For accelerated growth bristles you can use a lotion of monoxidil (Rogain, regeyn). This lotion accelerates the growth of any volos on the body man. Hormones, color and odor does not. But the composition of the drug is alcohol, so it can dry the skin.

Burdock and castor oil also strengthens Hair Growth. It should be applied to the bristles, hold 2 for an hour and rinse thoroughly with mild soap or gel for washing.

Full nutrition contributes to good health and metabolism, and hence to hair growth. Necessary in the diet should be: beef meat, chicken egg, cottage cheese, dairy and sour-milk products. Adequate intake of protein and calcium in the body, will help the bristles grow fast.

Take a complex of vitamins and minerals. When entering into the body all the necessary substances, hair growth increases.

Ополаскивайте лицо отварами: ромашки, крапивы, лопуха, подорожника. Все эти травы, reinforce hair and contribute to their rapid growth.

You can make a mask of honey and milk, adding oat flakes. All mix, apply, after 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

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