How to graduate look good

How to graduate look good
Graduation is an important event in the life of any student of yesterday. It should be fun and interesting – dance, have fun, talk with friends. And, of course, look good throughout the evening. If you try, any girl will be if not queen, then at least one of the princesses of the ball.

You will need
  • hair curlers or hair curlers;
  • – mousse for styling;
  • – hair spray;
  • – lotion or body cream;
  • – Foundation;
  • – blush;
  • – powder;
  • – mascara;
  • – lip gloss;
  • – Eau de Toilette.
The dress for the gala evening is certainly ready, the shoes are bought and the jewelry is picked up. It remains to take care of the face and hair, do manicure, choose the right fragrance. Of course, all problems can be solved by registering in the salon beforehand. But with these pleasant troubles you can do it yourself. And as a result, save time and money – both in festive vanity are not superfluous.

Think in advance about your own image. It depends on the chosen outfit and type of appearance. It is necessary to take into account the age. The image of a hot female vamp at the prom is not too appropriate. But the image of a charming princess or a mysterious mermaid is quite suitable.

Choose the right hairstyle. Happy owners of long hair should not erect complex designs on their heads, which are relevant only at the competition of hairdressers. Better make a careless hairdo out of curvy locks.

Damp clean hair with a spray for styling or treat them with mousse. To get the volume curls, wind the strands on the large curlers. If you prefer fine slender spirals, use small bobbins or curling irons. Do not comb the finished curls so as not to damage them. Tilt your head, throw the strands down and whip the curls with your fingers. Slightly smooth them on top of the comb and fix with varnish.

Do not forget to put your hands in order. The day before the solemn evening, make a manicure – filigree nails, giving them a neat shape, remove burrs and rough cuticles. Polish the nails or cover them with varnish. In spring, the fashion includes gentle and transparent shades – blue, pistachio, beige and caramel-pink. Choose a color that suits your skin tone and along.

If you bought open sandals, take care of the pedicure. Nails on legs тоже можно покрыть лаком. Подберите цвет, сочетающийся или контрастирующий с оттенком маникюра.

At the graduation party, you should look brilliant. Apply to the open body parts a lotion with sparkling particles, a cream that gives the skin a pearly radiance or a dry oil with a light shine.

Choose makeup. Do not impose on your face a heavy make-up – it looks too artificial and requires constant correction. Give preference to light translucent textures. Apply to the skin matting cream, carefully zakatushiruyte corrector minor defects like bruises under the eyes or traces of pimples. Powder face and neck.

On the cheeks, put a thin layer of pink blush, darken the eyelids with a light gray, beige-golden or lilac tone. Paint the eyelashes with two layers of waterproof mascara. Instead of lipstick, use a lip gloss with shiny particles or a radiant effect. Pearlescent hylayterom put a glare on the cheekbones, whiskey, collarbone and a hollow on the chest.

The final touch is an unobtrusive scent. Use toilet water with notes of white flowers, fresh greens, fruit or vanilla. And do not forget about хороший дезодорант, able to protect you from trouble for 8-10 hours. The evening promises to be long.

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