How to go to cryosauna

How to go to cryosauna
Cryotherapy is a new trend in the health of the body. Cold treatment has a cosmetic and curative effect, which makes the procedures a true deliverer of many external and internal ailments. To make the results happy, it's best to go to cryosauna.

Visiting cryosauna has a curative effect on the whole body and internal organs. Being in a booth in cold nitrogen vapor (the temperature drops to -150оС) triggers a self-diagnosis and self-healing system in the body. Thanks to this, there is an improvement in health, immunity is strengthened, metabolism is normalized. Cryosauna also has relaxing, anti-edematous and healing effects on the body.

However, only those who do not have serious chronic diseases should go to cryosauna. Absolute contraindications are malfunctions in the heart, respiratory, nervous or genitourinary systems. Also, you should refrain from cryotherapy if you are currently sick (eg, ARVI or flu).

To visit the cryosauna correctly dress. Go to the booth, maximally opening the body for cold: it is desirable to get rid of even a bra and panties. But experts recommend that the extremities be dressed. Put on your hands warm mittens, on your feet – woolen socks or ugg boots. Men also need to cover their dignity.

Please note: during the cryoprocedure, the head is above the cold air zone. So do not worry about the health and beauty of the hair – they are not threatened. For the face there is a procedure for cryotherapy – treatment with liquid nitrogen, which allows you to improve skin tone, remove fine wrinkles, get rid of bruises under the eyes and swelling.

It is not necessary to remove ornaments, watches and other precious metal products before visiting the cryosauna. The cold will not spoil the things dear to the heart. But the jewelry (especially of leather, wood, plastic) leave outside the booth.

Go to the cryosauna follows courses. In each must be at least 10 procedures – during this time, the maximum health and cosmetic effect is achieved. In the booth it is recommended to spend from 2-x minutes. Ideal frequency of procedures – every day or every other day. However, you can visit cryosauna and several times a day (up to 4-x visits with interruptions).

To achieve good and fast results, some combine a visit to cryosauna and fitness. In this case, it is better to take cold therapy before the expected exercise. This will make the classes more efficient and increase energy costs. If possible, after an hour and a half after the workout, repeat the approach to the cryosauna. The procedure neutralizes emotional and muscular tension and will have a relaxing effect.

In cryosauna, you can walk with a slight rise in body temperature (up to about 37,5-37,8 ° C). This approach is actively used in the West, where procedures are recommended for the initial stage of colds. However, before visiting, it is better to consult a doctor.

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