How to go to a bathhouse for women

How to go to a bathhouse for women
Bath is useful for women, as it helps to cleanse the skin, relieves fatigue and strengthens metabolic processes. To hike in the bath was good, observe simple rules.

1. Do not forget to bring a clean sheet, a towel, bath slippers and a hat on your head.

2. В бане пейте очищенную не газированную воду, зеленый чай, травяные и фруктовые отвары.

3. Перед тем как зайти в парную, примите теплый душ, но не мочите голову и не пользуйтесь моющими средствами. Хорошо вытритесь полотенцем и, надев шапочку на голову, заходите в парную.

4. Начинайте париться с нижних полок и в первое посещение не парьтесь более 10 минут. После парной принимайте чуть прохладный душ и поплавайте в бассейне.

5. After a shower and a pool, relax about 20 minutes, have tea or water. The body will cool down and the effect of the bath will be stronger.

6. Between 2 and 3 entering the bath can do different masks, but do not forget to wash them off when entering the steam room. The actual will be cucumber and fruit masks.

7. In between the steam, do a little peeling. Take a handful of oat flakes, mix with a small amount of shallow salt and a pinch of soda. Blend the mixture with hot water and, massaging, polufute all your body. Leave the mixture to dry, and then wash the body first with hot water and then with warm water.
3-4 entering the steam room and performing these simple procedures will help you to rejuvenate, clean and rest.

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