How to glue the eyelashes

How to glue the eyelashes
Women always want to look good. In this severe criticism is subjected to everything, including eyelashes. To do this, expensive carcasses are available, which can make the look seductive and sexy, but an easier way is to stick the eyelash.

You will need
  • Bunchy eyelashes, glue, tweezers, eyeliner or eyeliner, mascara, toothpick, mirror, scissors.
Choose eyelashes. The fact is that from this stage in the sequel will depend on how well your image looks. Ideally, the cilia should be the same length as your own. Then the look will be more natural. If you are a little mistaken with the size, then the purchased bundles can be cut slightly.

Outline the line of eyelash growth. To do this, you can use a pencil or a pencil. A thin line will help you smoothly paste bundles, and also disguises the places of their attachment.

Dip the bundle into the glue. Initially, apply glue to the back of the palm, then use a pair of tweezers to take a bunch and dab it in the glue. All this must be done very carefully, otherwise the image may be spoiled. Wait a little (20-30 seconds), this is necessary to make the glue a little dry and better grasp. If you use eyelashes for the first time, then you will not need glue, the manufacturers have thought through this moment.

После этого насадите пучок к своим ресницам. Важно, чтобы он оказался максимально близко к ним. Начинать наращивание следует с внешнего уголка глаза, постепенно двигаясь к внутреннему. Внимательно следите за углом наклона ресниц, он должен быть одинаковым, иначе получится легкая ассиметрия глаз.

Close your eyes. It is necessary that the beams are better adhered. It is important at least a couple of minutes not to open your eyes.

Check the strength of the adhesive. After the end of work, wait for 20 minutes and try using a conventional toothpick to move the base of the bundles. If this works, apply a small amount of glue to the toothpick and straighten the bun.

Apply mascara on eyelashes. Mascara will help you get rid of the visible border of the glued beams and your own eyelashes, and the look will become natural.

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