How to glue false eyelashes

How to glue false eyelashes
False eyelashes are a great way to make your eyes more expressive and sexy, but not everyone knows how to use them correctly.

You will need
  • Пинцет, клей, реснички (отдельные или пучки) или сплошные ресницы, завивочные щипцы.
We choose eyelashes. If you want to get thick, lush eyelashes then use solid strips. Beams are best used in places where you have rare cilia.

Подкрутите ваши ресницы завивочными щипцами.

Apply eyeliner or pencil on the base of the eyelashes.

If you use tufts or individual cilia, apply a bit of glue on the hard surface. Allow it to dry slightly. Cilia pick up with forceps and put the base in the glue.

Starting from the outer corner of the eye, glue individual eyelashes or tufts. Lean cilia with tweezers to the line of growth of your eyelash.

Apply a thin strip of glue to the continuous eyelashes with a brush.

Glue them to the base of your eyelashes, starting at the corner of the eye.

If the length of the eyelashes does not suit you, then remove them and cut them with scissors.

Wait until your new cilia are dry.

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