How to glue crystals on hair

How to glue crystals on hair
Often instead of pins or braids you want to decorate your hair something bright, beautiful and original. The best solution is to rhinestones For hair, fascinating with its brilliance and successfully emphasizing the beauty of the hair.

You will need
  • – rhinestones;
  • – a needle with a thread;
  • – glue;
  • – mousse for hair.
Acquire rhinestones, and it is better to thread with rhinestones. If you buy separate rhinestones in the store, then select them with an "ear" for threading strands or strands. Prepare the materials you need for attachments ornaments to the hair.

Make a parting between the hair, and then closer to the middle of the selection choose a place for the string. The thickness of the strand should be minimal – no more than three millimeters, otherwise the formed strand will look sloppy.

Cut the thread length about 15 cm, thread it into the needle and tie the thread end with a loop. Process the strand волос муссом для укладки. Уберите остальные волосы в хвост. Обработанную прядку заплетите в аккуратную косичку на 3 см от пробора, не перекручивая ее.

Put the first strass on the strand approximately at the level of 3 cm from the roots of the hair. To do this, take the needle with the thread and the center line of the pigtail. On this string, thread the thread in such a way that it is as close as possible to the top of the pigtail. Carefully put the needle on the needle and pull the needle with the thread, capturing the hair of the hair, which is in the loop. Continue to braid the strand in the braid, planting the rhinestones on the hair with equal intervals, which you can choose yourself.

When the pigtail with the rhinestones fixed in it comes to an end, leave the tail about 2 cm in length. Secure the tail with glue so that the pigtail with the ornaments does not splinter. Your new hairstyle is ready!

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