How to give volume to rare hair in 2018 year

How to give volume to rare hair in 2018 year
Rare hair often upset his owner. They lie flat, the hair looks dull, and frequent washing of the head does not save the situation. To give the locks a splendor, choose the right haircut, consult with the stylist about the ideal hair color. And do not forget to buy quality products for care and styling – they will definitely come in handy.

Чтобы волосы приобрели пышность, используйте правильные средства по уходу. Выбирайте шампуни, ополаскиватели и бальзамы с пометкой «для объема». Такие средства имеют облегченные формулы, обогащенные витаминами и силиконами. Раз или два в месяц можно использовать специальные шампуни для глубокого очищения – они эффективно удаляют остатки косметики, пыль и кожный жир. Однако злоупотреблять этим средством нельзя, иначе есть риск пересушить и ослабить волосы.

Раз в неделю делайте маску для кожи головы. Она укрепит корни волос, тонизирует кожу и уберет перхоть. Самый простой рецепт – нанести на корни волос смесь из половины стакана кефира, яйца и чайной ложки касторового масла. Вотрите маску в кожу, закройте волосы пленкой и закутайте махровым полотенцем. Через час смойте смесь шампунем и нанесите на кончики волос питательный бальзам.

Do not abuse stowage. Instead of gel or shine for hair, use serum, instantly smoothing strands and giving them a healthy glow. To form curls, use a soft foam that does not contain alcohol, and straight hair is laid with a cream with silicones. Please note that these funds do not provide a long-term effect. Their task is the same as that of decorative cosmetics for the face. Buy whey and creams from professional rulers – the effect of their use is much higher.

If your hair is flat and boring, change their color and hair style. To revive the strands, refer to the stylist – he will select the appropriate color scheme. Rare hair should not be discolored. Use a gentle method, lightening a few strands and stretching the color on all the hair. Blondes should add a warm honey hue to their hair, brunette soft soft chestnut tones.

The best hairstyle for rare hair – Various cascades and steps. They blur the boundaries of the styling, making it voluminous and alive. Do not fix the strands – the hair should lie a soft, slightly careless mop. To keep this form, you will often need to contact a hairdresser, but you will be sure that your hair is in order.

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