How to give up chocolate

How to give up chocolate
What if your dependence on chocolateа начинает постепенно перерастать в пагубную привычку? Разумеется, следует задуматься о том, как научиться отказываться от любимого лакомства – это не так уж и сложно.

You will need
  • Nuts, dried fruits, porridges, pure drinking water
As is known, the suppression of one's desires makes us crave the "forbidden fruit" even more. Therefore, the refusal of chocolate should be maximally conscious. Before starting a company to abandon the sweet, you should figure out what specifically you "sting" – pain, resentment, or dislike for yourself. If you can not figure out the reasons for yourself, consult a therapist. When you understand reasons Its dependence on chocolate, getting rid of it will become much easier.

Easily abandon шоколада помогают продукты, содержащие хром – такие, как сыр, грибы, морепродукты. Если вы будете регулярно употреблять данные продукты в пищу, то вскоре заметите, как ваша потребность в шоколаде снижается не по дням, а по часам. Спустя какое-то время одной-двух долек любимого лакомства будет хватать вам за глаза.

Curiously, a passion for chocolate can be a testament to the increased demand for carbohydrates. Regularly eat cereals from whole grains (rice, millet, oats) and unrefined vegetable oil. Often eat nuts and dried fruits – they will help to normalize the level of glucose in the body. However, remember that it is better to use them until six in the evening – only then they will be able to fully digest.

With a predilection for chocolate, there may be a lack of fluid in the body. Therefore, drink as much fresh, clean water as possible. During normal operation of the kidney, daytime rate The consumption of liquid is one and a half to two liters per day. Soon your metabolism will improve, and you will forget about chocolate.

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