How to give the eyebrows the right shape

How to give the eyebrows the right shape
Eyebrows are a very important part of the face. They alone can change its form and expression. Inaccurate eyebrows can spoil the whole impression of their owner. And, on the contrary, beautifully designed eyebrows will add expressiveness to the eyes and make you younger.

Determine the shape of your face. For an oval face, the eyebrows should be in the form of an arc, for the round one – eyebrows with a raised tail, for square – longer eyebrows.

Найдите, где должна начинаться головка брови. Для этого приложите карандаш вертикально к крылу носа. Та точка, через которую пройдет карандаш, и будет считаться началом брови.

Для определения места наибольшего изгиба приложите карандаш к крылу носа и проведите его через центр глаза.

The tip or tail of the eyebrow is determined by holding an imaginary line of the pencil from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye.

The points found should be marked with a white pencil, and then draw the entire desired line of the eyebrow.

Pull out all the hairs that go beyond the white pencil line.

Remove the hairs on the bridge of the nose. If the eyebrows are very thick, thin them, plucking a few hairs inside the eyebrow.

Сравните форму бровей с одной и другой стороны. Постарайтесь добиться одинакового результата.

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