How to give hair volume corrugated

How to give hair volume corrugated
Hair will be magnificent if you curl them. But sometimes you do not want to conduct this procedure, and a special method is used. How to increase the volume of hair by corrugation, it is not difficult to understand.

You will need
  • The corrugation forceps are professional.
  • Hair spray.
  • Comb.
It is important to take measures so that the locks are not messed up, combing them will be very difficult. First, you need to gently comb every curl. If they mess up, troubles can not be avoided. You can smooth them out in accessible ways – for example, a special balm that does not need to be washed off, like Lond's. Wait until it dries. If you make the packing of corrugated paper on damp hair – it will quickly disintegrate, and the work will be wasted.

Now we begin to do the volume. You need to use professional corrugator tongs. They are not difficult to distinguish in appearance, they do not differ in a large width, and create in one approach no more than 3 strips. The nozzles are best not to be purchased, they will not give a wave of necessary quality. Each strand should be taken separately, put it between the forceps, bringing them closer to the skin of the head, and make a wave. Then push them a little further and make another wave, and repeat the reception again.

Таким образом, обрабатываются волосы на всей голове. Способ отличается щадящим воздействием. До конца волосы завивать не надо, они будут казаться прямыми. Если вы обработаете их лаком, можно сделать дополнительный начес, но метод и без того очень эффективен. Волосы кажутся гуще. Закрепляйте каждый слой заколками или резинками по мере готовности, чтобы не путаться.

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