How to get rid of youthful acne?

How to get rid of youthful acne?
Youth is a time of beauty, and any pimple on the face spoils the mood, and if it is covered with acne, then it becomes the problem of №1 in the life of a teenager. To cleanse the face of nasty pustules, one has to be patient and change some way of life.

General Tips

  1. Watch for the purity of the body and especially the hands, which are not-no, and will touch the person, infecting. To wash it is better a mix of mineral water with sea salt: on 1 a glass of mineral water a pair of spoons of sea salt. Already after 2 weeks the face is cleared, the inflammatory process disappears.
  2. Take a bath, adding in them a concentrated broth. The best effect is given by rhizome rootgrass. For about ten minutes you have to boil them in water: for half a bucket of water 100 grams of grass, you can add burdock roots. Taking such baths every other day, you can get rid of any rashes, including boils.
  3. Walking, especially in sunny weather, is very useful, since ultraviolet rays kill pathogenic microbes.

Decoctions and infusions for oral administration

  1. Very useful in such cases is the yeast drink: 10 grams of yeast is brewed with boiling water on 3 / 4 glass, add a little sugar and give an hour to play. Such a drink should be drunk during 20 days, after making a three-week break for the same period, repeat the course.
  2. Infusion of nettle can help to solve the problem: leaves of nettle insist in a liter of cold water during the night, and in the afternoon drink this infusion in small portions.
  3. An effective remedy against juvenile acne is the juice squeezed from rhizomes and stems of wheat grass: they must be washed, scrolled through a meat grinder. In the pressed juice should be added as much hot water. Daily intake – 3 glass. Drink 21 -22 days.

Local treatment

  1. To heal acne, horseradish tincture in wine vinegar is used. Horseradish rub, fill the glass container on 3 / 4, add wine bite and insist 10 days. Places of damage by eels moisten with tincture and keep for ten minutes, after which they wash their face.
  2. Very effective in the fight against blackheads is the following recipe: for 100g vodka, drip 4 drops of iodine and mix protein of one egg. A quarter of an hour to keep the mask on your face, then wash it off with water.
  3. Radically heals the skin mask: take 1 a tablespoon of marigold infused marigold flowers, drip lemon juice (about 15 drops), and then gently enter into white clay taken in the amount of three tablespoons. The resulting mass is held on the face for a quarter of an hour. Clay dries the inflamed pryshchiki, cleans them from contamination, tightens the pores.

Treatment with herbs takes time and patience, but these efforts will ensure a clean, velvety skin – a testament of beauty and health.

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