How to get rid of unwanted hair forever

How to get rid of unwanted hair forever
On the eve of the summer season, it is especially important to purchase smooth legs. Nothing so does not spoil the appearance of a woman, like unwanted hair. Get rid of them will help salon procedures, epilators and folk recipes.

To remove hair from hands and feetuse the home analogue of wax strips. In a saucepan, mix 200 g of sugar with 1 tsp. citric acid, add 3 st.l. water. Pour the saucepan on a fire and stirring constantly bring the mixture to a pasty state. After this, pour the mass into a plastic container and allow it to cool. When it becomes warm, pinch a small piece, mash it in your hands and apply to a patch of skin with hair. Remove the frozen mass with one sharp movement. The advantage of this method is that immediately after removal on the body there is no inflammation.

Another effective wayremoval of hair on the body is rubbing the sections with hair 2 times a day with a solution of 300 g alcohol, 5 g castor oil, 5 g ammonia and 2 g iodine.

Hair on the facedaily wipe with a solution of "Rivanol" in relation to 1: 1000. Be careful, because hair removal on the face can lead to even greater growth.

To slow down hair growth and to avoid their ingrownness, prepare a tincture of 1 a glass of uncooked pine nuts per 0,5 liter of vodka. Put the bottle in a dark place and insist 1 a month. This tincture can wipe the hair after epilation.

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