How to get rid of unwanted hair for a long time

How to get rid of unwanted hair for a long time
A beautiful skin without flaws is the best decoration of a woman. And superfluous hairs on it completely inopportunely. Modern cosmetology provides a lot of opportunities to get rid of unwanted vegetation for a long time.

To remove unwanted hair, go through the laser hair removal procedure. In addition to directly removing, this will solve the problem with the presence of dark hairs. The laser acts on the hair follicle, destroying the contained in it melanin. Even after the first session, it becomes noticeable that the hairs become paler and thinner. Spend five to six sessions for a full getting rid of нежелательной растительности. При этом негативное воздействие лазерного луча на кожу будет минимальным. Повреждений при таком методе эпиляции можно не опасаться.

Photoepilation is no less popular method of removing unwanted hair. If you have tender and sensitive skin, you will surely appreciate this fairly gentle method. Its basis is the effect of light on the hair follicle, while the melanin and bulb contained in it are destroyed. The hair becomes thinner and lighter and, in the end, just stops growing.

Electrolysis allows you to remove hair from the body forever, but provided that the course is completed. The essence of the procedure in the exposure to high temperature (thermolysis) and electric current (electrolysis) or their combination (blend-epilation). Bland-epilation is most effective: the raised temperature provides a microburn of a hair bulb, and the current promotes the development of an alkali inside it, which is harmful to germ cells.

During the session, the bulb is injected thin иголочка, на которую подается импульс, после чего волос удаляется пинцетом. К недостаткам данного метода можно отнести болезненность. Но учитывая эффективность процедуры, можно и потерпеть. Для полного удаления волос требуется 10–15 процедур. Для сокращения их количества можно вначале сделать 2–3 сеанса фотоэпиляции. Это уменьшит количество волос и ослабит луковицы. Но в каждом случае это определяется индивидуально, количество процедур зависит от пациента.

You can also use less radical methods. You can remove hairs with wax or sugar. The effect of these procedures is quite long. Although the hairline will recover within two to three weeks, but during this time the skin will remain smooth and tender.

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