How to get rid of traces of herpes

How to get rid of traces of herpes
Herpes is one of the most common diseases on the planet, since almost every person is a carrier of this virus. In most cases, it is activated when there is a violation or a decrease in immune responses. There is a disease in the form of small vesicles on the lips or the area around the mouth.

You will need
  • – мазь на основе антибиотиков;
  • – antiviral drugs;
  • – St. John's wort, alcohol;
  • – Apple vinegar;
  • – экстракт розмарина, масло чайного дерева;
  • – розовое масло, ладан, чайное масло;
  • – parsley.
Treat herpes with various antiviral drugs, for example, "Gerpevir", "Acyclovir" and many others. These drugs are created both in the form of tablets, and in the form of an ointment, which must be applied to the affected areas of the skin. The rash comes off pretty quickly, but very often there are traces in its place. Skin blushes, sometimes even scars can form.

Be sure to use ointment based on antibiotics. It can be tetracycline or any other means that will not cause an allergic reaction.

Use recipes folk medicine, which will remove the swelling and whiten the skin. A very effective remedy is tincture of St. John's wort. For its preparation, take about two tablespoons of herbs of this plant and fill them with a glass of pure alcohol. Then put the mixture in a dark place and leave it there for 10 days. Use this substance as follows – apply twice a day a small amount of tincture to the affected areas of the lips and face.

In order to get rid of the rash, use apple cider vinegar, which should be diluted with water in the ratio 1: 3. With this tonic, wash your face every morning. If on your skin scars formed, then wipe the affected area with cotton wool soaked in undiluted apple cider vinegar.

Helps to get rid of traces of herpes and essential oils of various plants. Use rosemary extract or tea tree oil. But keep in mind that you only need to apply the substance to the damaged parts and just one drop. You can also use different mixtures of these oils. For example, the most effective is a mixture, for the preparation of which you will need equal amounts of rose oil, incense and tea oil. By the way, you can also lubricate the rash marks on the face the child.

Для того чтобы снять покраснения и отбелить кожу, приготовьте отвар из зелени петрушки, разлейте его в формочки для льда и оставьте в морозильной камере. Каждые утро после умывания протирайте лицо кусочком льда.

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