How to get rid of traces of acne on the back

How to get rid of traces of acne on the back
Acne rashes on the back often leave dark red or bluish spots that do not go away for a long time. If you squeezed out a pimple, then such spots can stay for many years. To remove traces of acne on the back will help cosmetic procedures.

You will need
  • – голубая глина и лимонный сок;
  • – Tomatoes, starch;
  • – свежие огурцы;
  • – lemon juice and egg white;
  • – масло розмарина;
  • – water and hydrogen peroxide;
  • – Lidase, salicylic alcohol, Dimexide.
Use blue clay to lighten the stains – dilute the dry powder according to the instructions (you can add a drop of lemon juice), apply on the traces from acne, leave it to dry. Compresses made of blue clay are useful to alternate with compositions of white clay – both types have a clarifying effect and help to smooth the skin.

Загар скрывает пигментные дефекты кожи, поэтому используйте любую возможность подставить плечи и спину солнцу. В холодное время посещайте солярий, а если вы против ультрафиолетового воздействия на кожу, то пользуйтесь автозагаром.

Do bleaching masks. Mix the flesh of the tomato and starch, apply to separate parts of the back and rinse under the shower after they dry. Make compresses from grated cucumber, apply gauze wipes with pulp on the traces – after 20 minutes the composition can be removed. Mix the lemon juice (2 teaspoons) and egg white – the mixed mass is applied to the skin of the back. Wadded disks, soaked in essential oil of rosemary, apply to the tracks from pimples in the form of compresses for 10 minutes or periodically wipe spots during the day. Masks from water and hydrogen peroxide are very useful, but the effect will have to wait about two months.

Remove stains with a special compound. Prepare a mixture of lidase, salicylic alcohol and dimexide – on a bottle of alcohol you will need a teaspoon of the remaining ingredients. Moisten with a gauze dressing, wring out and apply to the stains – treat first a few tracks for two weeks, then move on to other areas. The composition degreases and restores the tissue, causing removal of the scarring layer, which gives the skin a dark color.

Take a course in the salon. Chemical peeling or microdermabrasion will help get rid of the upper, pigmented layer of the epidermis, and the procedure of darsonvalization will saturate the skin with oxygen and fix the result. Laser skin resurfacing will solve the problem of spots from acne on the back once and for all – the apparatus removes even deep scars and chronic scars, often the effect is noticeable after the first session.

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