How to get rid of toxins

How to get rid of toxins
Excellent well-being is the key to success and good mood. About your health you need to take care every day, to always feel at the height. Your body needs systematic cleaning. For healthy body work, remove slags and toxins.

Purification body it is necessary because we live conditions bad ecology. Exhaust gases, constant stress – all this negatively affects our health. The easiest way is fasting. You should start gradually. If you have any chronic diseases, then better всего голодать под присмотром опытного врача. Для начала попробуйте не есть один день в течение of the month. Then, after a short break in a few weeks, do not eat food for 3 days. Thus, you can gradually begin to starve until 5 days. This procedure should be taken very seriously, because with an incorrect approach, you risk your health. During a day without food, you can only drink plain water or eat one lemon, but nothing else. As a result of fasting, many slag и токсинов.

Из голодовки следует выходить тоже постепенно. Это позволит вам достичь лучшего результата. Если срок вашей голодовки дошел до 5-6 дней, то в первые сутки после нее вам the best thing to eat vegetable salads. They should in no case be filled with mayonnaise. Perfectly suit lemon juice or vegetable butter as a dressing for a salad. The first portions should be very small, that is 1-2 spoons, but after an hour the dose can be to enlarge и так постепенно.

In the period of fasting, it is best to exclude whateither physical or mental loads. This can negatively affect your health. Also in this period, try to be more outdoors. Protect yourself from stress though for the duration of the hunger strike. Nothing should put you off balance. If you want to improve the work of your intestines, then you should give preference to natural products. Eliminate heavy fried foods from your diet. Meat or fish, steamed, best retain their useful properties.

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