How to get rid of the smell of tobacco from the mouth

How to get rid of the smell of tobacco from the mouth
Forcing people to inhale the pungent smell of tobacco, at least unethically. But few people are able to give up such a destructive habit as smoking. To mask the unpleasant smell coming from the mouth, it is possible with the help of a whole arsenal of modern and folk remedies having a different degree of efficiency.

Drink a cup of strong black tea and rinse throat water. Try to neutralize the smell of tobacco by chewing on the fiber garlic or Luke. Of course, in this case, you, as they say, will change the "awl for soap". But if there is no other means at hand, then such an option has a right to exist.

Почистите тщательно зубы и воспользуйтесь специальным ополаскивателем для полости рта. Растворите во рту 2 леденца «Антиполицая» или любого его analogues. Such remedies do not muffle, but completely destroy the bad breath, as the components contained in them contribute to increased absorption moleculescarriers of odor. The effect will persist for an hour, but if you smoke another cigarette, you will need to reapply lollipops.

Acquire a special spray in the drugstore for the oral cavity. Always keep a jar with you. with ginger, sliced ??thin plates, seeds of zira, cumin or powdered nutmeg. These spices, which are distinguished by a good deodorizing effect, can be either chewed or simply kept in the mouth.

Punch a pinch of dry black tea, celery root and leaves and parsley, dill, spicy cloves or bay leaf. You can rinse your mouth with fresh fennel. Coffee beans will help not only disguise the smell, but also rid of the unpleasant aftertaste. In the fight against the smell of tobacco, your irreplaceable helpers will also be carrots and solid fresh apples, which destroy bad smell from the mouth and help to freshen your breath.

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