How to get rid of the smell of feet

How to get rid of the smell of feet
Many people suffer from excessive sweating of the feet, fungal diseases of the nails and because of this they hesitate to take off their shoes at a party. A sharp smell can spoil the most impeccable reputation. Getting rid of this disease is not easy, but if you work hard on this, then one problem in life will be less.

You will need
  • salt, bark of oak, black tea, clean shoes, clean socks
Since the smell is a product of the life of bacteria, it is necessary to focus efforts on their destruction. And therefore hygiene is the main enemy of the smell. Daily washing of feet with change of socks will considerably reduce intensity of "aroma".

Then you need to prevent the appearance of bacteria. This can be done by applying to the feet of purchased aseptic drugs or taking a bath with saline solution, in which you can add a couple drops of tea tree oil.

To reduce sweating of feet, and, therefore, a nutrient medium for bacteria, pharmacy products, for example, Teimurov paste, or decoctions according to folk recipes, will help. For example, a decoction of the bark of oak or the welding of black tea. Use shoes and socks made from "breathable" natural materials, as synthetic feet are sweating more strongly.

Не одевайте сырую обувь, обязательно тщательно ее просушивайте. Промывайте туфли изнутри слабым раствором марганца. Нелишним будет использование покупного дезодоранта для обуви.

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