How to get rid of the second chin at home

How to get rid of the second chin at home
Women like it when both full face and profile look flawless, i.e. without superfluous folds and sagging. Therefore, as soon as they notice the formation of the second chin, the first reaction (almost unconscious) is patting the back of the palm along the neck and chin. And rightly, this is the most common way to combat the hated crease, which spoils the outlines of the face. Methods of getting rid of the second chin are many. They are good because they do not need to cut out special time, at home they can be used, sitting in front of the TV, reading a book, lying in bed.

You will need
  • – Exercises
  • – Massage
  • – Masks
  • – reduction in excess weight
  • – compresses
Take as a rule to have a correct posture. After all, if you can keep your back straight, so that the position of the head, muscles and neck and the face will be correct. However, more often, when you sit, for example, in front of the computer monitor, the neck is stretched forward, it strains, so blood circulation is disturbed. In this wrong position, the neck skin is assembled into an accordion, wrinkles, the face oval becomes indistinct. For the skin of the chin and neck, a straight back is very important. If you have already forgotten that this is, stretch the crown of the head up and back, and to the maximum. Remember this feeling of correct posture. And strengthen the muscular corset during swimming, gymnastics, yoga, pilates.

Very often a double chin is formed due to the presence of extra pounds. Get rid of them as soon as possible. When a person achieves for weight loss, fat burning occurs in different areas, including the chin and neck areas. To reduce excess weight, usually practice or exercise, or diet. Of course you can select Only one way, but together they work much more efficiently.

To strengthen the muscles of the neck and chin, you must perform special exercises. There are a lot of complexes, that's just one of them. In the supine position on the back keep your head on weight. From time to time, lift it up so that you can see the socks of your own feet. Exercise repeat 15-20 times. It provides an incredible effect, visible in a few days.

Это упражнение можно выполнять дома вообще мимоходом, оно не требует положений сидя или лежа. Называется оно «Жираф». Встаньте прямо, распрямите грудь и плечи. Затем вытягивайте шею вверх как можно сильнее, фиксируя при этом плечи руками (чтобы они не поднимались вместе с шеей и головой). Глубоко вдохните, отсчитайте про себя 10 секунд, с задержкой выдохните и расслабьте напряженные до этого мышцы шеи, Breast, shoulders. Repeat 6-10 times.

Не пренебрегайте массажем, как дополнение к упражнениям и другим методам он просто незаменим. Например, медовый массаж – очень простая и доступная процедура. Возьмите on one's toes a little honey and start to massage the second chin, until it turns red. The time for further continuation of the procedure depends on you, you can do massage 20-30 minutes or – until your hands get tired. Honey – it's good nutrition and moisturizing of the skin, massaging movements – charging for the muscles, which after regular exercises become elastic and do not let the skin sag.

Books. Yes, they also help to reduce the second chin, only they are used not for their intended purpose. In this case, they are not read, but are worn on head. Weight is determined by yourself, but remember – the more weight, the greater the load is the muscles of the neck. The back during this exercise should be straight, shoulders spread out, the head is proudly raised. Thus, you will not only get rid of the second chin, but also get a beautiful posture.

Regular gymnastics removes the internal cause of the floated oval and the second chin, and the masks will struggle with external factors – the sagging of excess skin in this problem zone. A valuable cocktail made from natural ingredients will restore elasticity, help strengthen the face oval. You can, for example, make an acidic compress. It is shown to those who have the second chin already clearly visible. Take a cheesecloth or bandage width of 2 cm, fold four times. Wet lemon juice or apple vinegar and put on the chin. Tie it with a scarf or shawl, first making an interlayer of cellophane. Hold for half an hour. Remove and apply on this area a fat cream. In half an hour again, apply gauze, but moistened with no longer lemon juice, and ice water. Keep 5-10 minutes. The procedure should be carried out twice a week.

А вот эти упражнения, придуманные французским косметологом Нади Пайо, можно выполнять 2 раза в день по 10 раз каждое:

1. Say the "I" and "U" sounds with the maximum muscular tension.

2. Sit down, put the bottom to the chin clenched fists, and try to lower your chin, but with his fists as if not letting him sink. After 1,5 minutes of such a "struggle" slowly lower your hands.

Do exercises at least five times a week, and the result will certainly be.

When you finish doing the exercises, you can go to phytotherapy to make the result of them more explicit. There are several different recipes. For example, you can prepare an effective decoction from the bark of oak and St. John's wort. Mix the raw materials in equal quantities – on a tablespoon and bark, and grass. Pour boiling water and boil for a couple of minutes. Infuse the broth for a couple of hours, then strain and add a little more water – so that the result is the same volume as before, until the liquid boils off. The obtained means wipe chin skin and neck after exercise. You can also use not the St. John's wort and the bark of oak, but the herb of St. John's wort and the flowers of a medicinal daisy. Preparation of the broth and the principle of application is the same.

Excellent results are provided by such a method as cold wrapping. Take apple cider vinegar – a couple of tablespoons – and dilute with an equal amount of water. Wet gauze in the resulting solution, pre-fold it in the 3-4 layer. Attach to the chin, top cover with a food film, then a scarf. Keep such a compress for about X minutes, then lubricate the skin with a moisturizer. After another 30 minutes, an ice compress should be applied to the chin for 30 minutes. Repeat the procedure twice a week, and the skin will tighten.

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