How to get rid of the "plum" on the nose

How to get rid of the "plum" on the nose
Prevent the appearance of bruises in any way impossible. True, there are ways that can get rid of already appeared hematomas, accelerate their healing.

The correct way, which will help to remove the bruise faster not only on the nose, but also on any other place, is exposure to cold temperatures. So you can attach ice to a bruised place or a vessel with cold water. This will allow us to narrow down blood vessels, avoid getting blood deep into soft tissues. In addition, low temperatures will relieve pain and help to remove swelling faster. However, this method will be effective only if the bruise is received recently, but it will be useless to apply the ice to the old ones. Carry out the cooling procedure for five to ten minutes, but do not forget about small breaks.

If the bruise is already formed, then fight it in the opposite way – with the help of heat. It can expand the damaged vessels, and this will lead to an accelerated tissue regeneration. To do this, use compresses (conduct them on 20-25 minutes several times a day). Simply soak the towel in hot water and attach to the site of the injury. By the way, you can use not only ordinary water, but also broths of medicinal herbs. Thanks to them you will get rid of the bruise even faster.

Главными помощниками в борьбе с синяками являются различные противовоспалительные средства. Ими могут оказаться регенерирующие мази и гели, которые содержат арнику, витамины К, Р. Достичь необходимого эффекта вы можете, применив народные средства. Например, приложите размятый цветок календулы, лист капусты либо алоэ. Среди мазей и кремов можно назвать «Бадягу», «Спасатель», «Финалгон», «Синяк-Оff» и другие.

To a fresh bruise, you can also apply the leaves of plantain. Excellent helps the decoction of the leaves of mother-and-stepmother, as well as potatoes. Rub it on a grater, wrap it in gauze and attach to the hematoma of the minutes on 30-40.

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