How to get rid of the growth of facial hair

How to get rid of the growth of facial hair
Increased vegetation on the face is the result of genetic predisposition or hormonal failures in the body. Women have for many decades been looking for suitable ways to get rid of the growth of facial hair. Modern salon procedures will help you get a positive result.

The procedure for photoepilation is the most radical, safe and effective way to get rid of hairs on the face. Unwanted vegetation is removed by means of a light pulse. Energy heats the bulbs, and after a few days the hairs partially fall out. For one session of photoepilation, approximately 30% of the hair cover is removed. If this procedure is carried out correctly, then the hairs will no longer grow. One session will not be enough, it is necessary to conduct at least three procedures. Photoepilation passes quickly and absolutely painlessly, has no contraindications and does not cause allergic reactions, and the time of the exercise does not exceed five minutes.

Laser hair removal is somewhat similar to photoepilation. Hair follicles are destroyed under the influence of a laser beam. As in photoepilation, the beam is conducted through melanin. The procedure is rather fast, the hairs are treated in groups. The disappearance of unwanted vegetation on the face continues for two weeks. To completely get rid of hair growth, you need to go through about ten sessions. In the future, for prevention, you need to do laser hair removal once or twice a year. During several days after the procedure, discomfort persists on the face. It is not recommended to sunbathe in the sunbeds and on the beach for two weeks.

Electrolysis is a very effective hair removal procedure. Its main advantage is that the hairs are removed permanently by inserting the electrodes into the follicles. But there are several disadvantages: electrolysis is a very painful procedure to achieve results, you need to do at least ten such procedures, besides, it takes a long time.

Механические методы удаления волос (бритье, выщипывание, использование кремов, сахара или воска) не помогут вам избавиться навсегда от нежелательной растительности. Более того, могут вызвать неприятные последствия в виде раздражения, воспаления или аллергической реакции.

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